22Slides V1 & V2

22Slides V2 was released in May 2022 and is now the default system for new accounts.


V2 doubles down on areas 22Slides has always excelled, refactoring our system to be more flexible and even easier to use than before. Some specific differences are listed here:

  • V2 offers a WYSIWG admin area, meaning you can see the changes you make to your site in real-time, instead of having to flip between your admin area and your live site, as was necessary with V1.
  • V2 allows for multiple sections to be added to each page, allowing you to mix lots of different content, as opposed to V1's single-section-per-page system.
  • V2 is completely responsive, allowing sites to automatically transition to different size screens without the need for mobile-only websites, like V1 required.
  • V2 allows for two separate websites to be hosted on the same account at no extra charge.
  • V2 offers more features useful for refining your site's SEO.
  • V2 has a theme-based architecture, which makes it much easier to add new themes over time.

User Accounts

22Slides V2 and does not share user accounts with version V1.

Because of this, accounts for V1 cannot be used to sign into V2, or vice versa. In order to use V2, a new account needs to be created.

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22Slides Version 2
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Send us an email to ask to have your V1 site's content migrated to a new V2 account. More info here.

The Future of Version 1

22Slides V1 isn't going anywhere. We'll continue to maintain it forever, like we always have. At the time of writing this, V1 is our primary product, and will likely continue to be so for a long time.

Even if/when that changes, V1 is a bootstrapped service that can maintain profitability even at a tiny scale. We'd dare to call it one of the most resilient services on the internet today, so there's no foreseeable reason to ever shut it down.

We have plenty of clients that prefer V1, and it's extremely important to us that they understand they remain first-class customers. V1 clients enjoy being grandfathered into their existing pricing plans, and are technically the most profitable to our business. V1 clients' support requests and website reliability will always remain a top priority.

The only difference concerning V1 now is that our home page at promotes V2.

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