How to provide a link to download a file, like a resume

22Slides doesn’t offer generic file management, because frankly, someone already does it better, and for free: Dropbox. Dropbox is a little overkill for simply linking to your resume from your website, but it’s such a useful tool (for doing things like sharing high-res photos with clients), that we really recommend everyone sign up for an account.

Dropbox puts a folder on your computer that automatically syncs, backs up, and publishes its contents over the web. Perfect for sharing files with people.

Here’s how you can get setup:

Visit this link, sign up for a free account, and download Dropbox: (this is our referral link, you’ll get some extra space for free by singing up though this link).

You should now have a “Dropbox” folder on your computer with a “Public” folder inside of it. Put your resume inside this “Public” folder.

Right click on your resume file and choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link

Sign into your control panel for your 22Slides website, and paste the link anywhere you’d like to put the link. This can be a link within a text page, or you could create a “Page” that simply links to the file.

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