Does 22Slides offer email service?

Nope, we don’t. But there are plenty of places that do, and will work perfectly with 22Slides!

Typically, the easiest way to get email is to buy it through the place you bought your domain through. It’s a very common add-on for domain providers to also offer email services.

Here’s a list of popular email services:

  • Hover (Starts at $1.60/month) Hover is one of our domain registrars of choice because they have ease-to-use tools and great customer support. If your domain is registered through Hover, this would be the obvious choice for email.
  • (Starts at $12/mo) Hey is a slightly different approach to email, and is a little pricey, but is overall a great service.
  • Google Apps (Starts at $5/mo )It’s just like Gmail, only you can use your own domain name. Google’s web interface is usually considered better than the others, and due to its popularity, many platforms (iOS, Android, etc) have support built-in, so it’s easy to setup.
  • GoDaddy (Starts at $3/mo) The webmail features aren’t as nice as Google Apps, but it’s cheap and would be the easiest route if you already purchased your domain through GoDaddy.
  • Zoho Mail Free (Free) Zoho is free, but if you’re not familiar with setting up email services, can be quite confusing. Also, since the service is free, you can’t expect to get great customer support. We recommend using a paid service because email is important to have working properly and sometimes customer support is necessary.
  • Zoho Mail Paid (Starts at $2.50/month) Just like their free version, but with email/phone support and a more features.
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