How to move images from one section to another

Images can be moved between sections on the same page. To do so:

  1. First, make sure your page as more than one image gallery section. If there is only one section on your page, you won't be given any options when choosing a destination for your image(s).
  2. Click the pencil/edit button at the top-left of your image gallery section that contains the image(s) you'd like to move elsewhere.
  3. From the "images" section in the sidebar, choose the image(s) you'd like to move. You can hole the shift or command key to select multiple images.
  4. Click the "ellipsis" button at the top-right of the bar above your images, and choose "Move selected image(s)".
  5. In the popup menu, you can then move the selected image(s) to any image gallery section adjacent to the current section.
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