Adding a custom font

If you'd like to use a font that's not included in our default selection, you can add any font from Google Fonts to your site relatively easy.

  1. First, go to Google Fonts, find the font(s) you'd like to use, and click the "Select this style" button to add it to your list.
  2. Once you have the fonts, weights, and styles selected, select "@import" in the sidebar and copy the code it gives you:
  3. Go to the admin area of your 22Slides website, select the "Settings" tab, then click "Custom Code".
  4. Paste the code provided by Google fonts into the HTML field.
  5. Now that your site has the font added to it, you need to tell it where to use the font.

    To use it in for your navigation, normal text, and headings, place this code inside your <style> tags, replacing 'Jost', sans-serif with whatever Google Fonts' font-family value was in step 2 above.

    :root {
    	--nav-font: 'Jost', sans-serif;
    	--nav-text: 'Jost', sans-serif;
    	--nav-heading: 'Jost', sans-serif;

    ...So it appears like this:

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