If your website ever fails to show the latest changes you made in the design editor, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache.

Your browser automatically saves local copies of websites you frequently visit, so it doesn’t have to re-download things every time you go there. But, if you’ve recently made changes to your site, your browser is likely to show you the old files it downloaded previously, rather than re-downloading the latest and greatest files.

What you need to do is force your browser to download the latest files. Below are instructions on how to do this, depending on your operating system and browser:


Cmd + Alt/Opt + E, click OK, then refresh

Shift + Cmd + Delete, check “Empty the cache”, and click “Clear”

Firefox on Mac
Cmd + Shift + R


Ctrl + Shift + R

Shift + Ctrl + Delete, check “Empty the cache”, and click “Clear”

Internet Explorer:
Hold Ctrl and click “Refresh”

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