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What size should my images be?

22Slides supports image uploads of 12.2 megapixels or smaller. If your image is over 12.2MP (About 3500x3500px), you'll need to resize it before uploading.

Once uploaded, your images will be processed/optimized to one of the following sizes:

  • Landscape Orientation: * x 675px (images can be extremely wide, but will be resized to be no more than 675px in height)
  • Portrait Orientation: * x 1000px (images can have variable widths, but will be no more than 1000px in height)
  • Full-Screen Home Page Images: 1600px x * (Images can have a variable height, but will be no more than 1600px in width)

The reason they're resized is because most photos are much too large for the web, would have to be shrunk down just to fit on the screen, and would take an extremely long time for your site's visitors to download. The sizes that your images are resized to have been found to be a good compromise between resolution and efficiency (download speed).

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