Can my website use a secure connection/HTTPS?

22Slides offers a secure connection over HTTPS for all login forms, payment fields, admin areas and areas where private information is transmitted, as is what secure connections are for: to protect the transfer of private info.

There's been an increase in talk of possibly using HTTPS connections everywhere on the web, and while that would be ideal, it is not yet a practical solution. Its cons still outweigh its pros for the time being:

  • HTTPS connections are slower overall, and when in the case of image-heavy photography, this slower speed is felt much more dramatically than on your average website with smaller images.
  • HTTPS connections typically require an annual fee to purchase from a 3rd party, which can often double or triple the cost of owning a website. (There are new services offering certificates for free, which will undoubtedly change this in the future.)
  • HTTPS connections require added maintenance to update each year, and if not properly maintained can cause alarming security notices to be displayed to your visitors.
  • Photography portfolio websites do not normally facilitate the transfer of sensitive information like passwords or payment information between the visitors and the website owner, making the benefit of an HTTPS connection somewhat unneeded.

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